4life KBU

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Transfer Factor KBU by 4life gives targeted support for a urinary tract that includes kidneys and bladder. Components of each dose of 4life KBU give a perfect combination for the maintenance of the urinary system. Composed of all-natural ingredients like cranberry, lingonberry, blueberry, and mannose to promote healthy bladder functions.

Key Features 4life Transfer Factor KBU

• Composition of all-natural ingredients and herbs like blueberry, cranberry, mannose, and lingonberry.

Suitable for consumption by both male and female users and supports immune function according to body needs.

• It is specifically targeted towards healthy functions of bladder and urinary tract functions.  

• Educates immune cells to support and improve urinary tract and bladder functions with dandelion leaves, juniper berry, chanca piedra, Varuna, and IP-6 blend.

• 4life KBU features a certified and proven 4life Transfer Factor dedicated to improvement in cell functions and resistance to potential conditions of urinary bladder and kidneys.  

• A complex blend of ingredients that keeps the whole urinary tract in top condition.  

Benefits 4life KBU Transfer factor tri-factor

• 4life Transfer Factor KBU promotes a healthy functionality of urinary tract features for the improvement of overall health.

• Ingredients used for the improvement of the urinary tract also support the effective functioning of the immune system, thus increasing overall body functions.

• Acts as an antioxidant that prevents, delays, and protects the formation of oxidants that may give rise to free radicals.

• Works against toxic materials in the body and promoting detoxing activities and cleansing the body of any harmful chemicals and toxic substances.

• Contains ingredients from milk and eggs that give a natural balance of supportive proteins and strengthens the performance.

What is Transfer Factor KBU 4life?

4life Transfer Factor KBU is a uniquely blended formula of naturally occurring herbal supplements that give a urinary tract and overall system improvement. Working as an antioxidant and detox agent, it also cleanses and purifies the body from harmful chemicals. It also promotes a healthy filtration process of kidneys to release toxins and waste out of the body and keep a healthy balance of fluids. The all-natural combination of ingredients makes it safe for consumption by both men and women for effective fluid control.


  • Product Specifications

    Serving Size: Four (4) Capsules 
    Servings Per Container: 30

  • Directions for Use

    Take four (4) capsules daily with 8 oz of fluid. For best results, we recommend taking two (2) capsules, morning and evening.