Tea 4Life

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Tea 4Life is a dynamic blend of apple and cinnamon, formulated to increase internal health and restore balance to the body. It is consumed as a delicious hot beverage that cleanses out the gastrointestinal system. It is good for activating dormant muscles – in other words, this tea keeps you moving.

Main Features of 4Life Tea

4Life Tea is a step-by-step wellness program that offers excellent features:

•   A great herbal alternative for colon cleansing

•   Free of artificial ingredients

•   Include herbal extracts that support colon health

•   Boasts a pleasing apple-cinnamon aroma.

Digest 4life Tea Benefits

Routine bowel movement is important for good health. If your digestive system is weak, it will only eliminate waste once in a while. With that being said, you need a diet that keeps your digestive health strong. Furthermore, your digestive tract needs to absorb nutrients, which is precisely what your body needs. Of course, nothing could be better than herbal products that help improve digestion naturally. Read on to know the wholesome benefits of digest Tea 4Life.

•   It allows for a profound process of intestinal cleansing.

•   It supports the elimination process throughout its consumption.

•   It’s a perfect antioxidant that removes harmful toxins from the body and prevents toxin buildup.

•   Tea 4Life is a gentle colon cleansing tea that stimulates under-developed colon muscles to encourage daily elimination.

•   It tastes good and feels light on the stomach.

•   It ensures a clean and healthy digestive system.

•   It plays a big role in weight management programs by improving the digestion function.

•   The tea can be brewed when it is needed to encourage regular bowel movements.

•   When utilizing Tea 4Life with care, it preserves freshness and sustains a long shelf life.

•   As it is free of harsh products like artificial flavors or sweeteners, it can be used daily.

Why Use 4Life Tea?

The multi-purpose formula benefits you in many ways. It’s a daily detox tea that promotes intestinal health, activates under-used muscles, builds colon health, and promotes regular waste elimination. You can count on Tea 4Life to manage digestive problems as well as for detoxifying purposes.

Eating Guidelines for Tea 4Life

For Adults: One single tea bag per day is ideal.

Directions: Add boiling water in the cup and place a tea bag. Let it steep for 3-4 minutes, and drink, carefully.


In case you’re on medication or any other treatment, consult with your physician or other health care professional before starting this diet. The same goes for the people who suspect they might have a health problem.
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