4Life Phytolax

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4Life Phytolax consists of wonderful herbal extracts and is used to eliminate toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. It includes ginger and cascara sagrada to support digestive function, as well as alder buckthorn and black walnut for instigating excretion of waste from the human body. This herbal laxative, apart from promoting waste elimination, establishes the regularity of bowel movements

Main features of Digest 4Life Phytolax

With Digest Phytolax 4Life, you benefit from the following.

•   Promotes healthy, regular bowel movement

•   CPromotes general wellness

•   Supports gastrointestinal function

•   A herbal alternative for treating diseases

•   Includes cascara bark to optimize gall bladder function, as well as to remove toxic waste from the liver

•   Includes ginger to eradicate flatulence

•   Frangula bark, aka alder buckthorn, eases constipation

•   Parsley to give you good-smelling breath

•   Bladderwrack to soothe your colon

•   Xanthan gum to avert irritation and reduce cramps

•   Other essential ingredients include magnesium stearate and gelatin capsules for fast and better absorption of nutrients.

•   All of the herbal extracts in Digest 4Life Phytolax are blended to safely make active the under-developed muscles of the colon.

Digest 4lLife Phytolax Benefits

Have a look at advantages that Phytolax 4Life has to offer.

•   TThe formula is gentle enough that you can use it as needed.

•   It ensures smooth elimination of digestive waste material from the body.

•   It promotes safer toxin elimination from the body.

•   It ensures thorough cleansing of intestines

•   It boosts the overall digestive health.

•   It reduces and prevents constipation.

•   It helps with having regular bowel movements, which can then be further maintained by proper diet and exercise.

•   Phytolax, as the name implies, is formulated naturally, it cleanses your colon daily. When the gastrointestinal tract is clean of toxins, your body is better able to assimilate nutrients and utilize them optimally.

Why Use Phytolax 4Life?

Because Phytolax helps your digestive system to function regularly and better, it's strongly recommended that you take it. Not only is it a natural way to support your body’s detox system, but it makes you healthier, as well. To get the most out of this digestive enzyme, take one to two capsules per day on an as-needed basis, with 8 oz. of fluid.


All supplements may or may not have side effects. Based on the research conducted of late, many people have none to minimal side effects. However, it’s wise to check with your doctor for any medical symptoms.