4Life Fibre System Plus

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4Life Fibre System Plus is a ten-day cleansing program that improves digestive health and maintains regularity in your bowel movements. This system features both essential herbs and digestive enzymes for a gentle gastrointestinal cleanse. 4Life Fibre System Plus is an efficient way to maintain digestive health.

Main Features of Fibre System Plus 4Life

•  Includes 24 herbal ingredients for the three main functions of the digestive system ¬– such as digesting food faster, increasing nutrient absorption, and eliminating waste.

•   Contains a mixture of herb, enzyme extracts, shrub, and fruit for muscle contractions that induce a bowel movement within a short time frame - cascara sagrada, prunes, frangula, papain, bromelains and pineapple.

•  Lightweight formula with only six capsules, making it easy for you to take on the go.

Primary Bemefits of 4life Fibre System Plus

All in all, 4Life Fibre System Plus is a simple cleansing program. It strengthens your digestive system in no time. It can even help maintain optimal digestive health over time. Though there are many Digest Fibre System Plus benefits, we list some below:

•   Gentle natural laxative system for a good dietary regimen.

•   Aids in the efficient absorption of nutrients. This further helps the body to benefit more fully from the nutrient intake.

•   4Life Fiber System Plus detoxifies your body in a 10-day program, improving digestive health.

•   The formula shows best results when used twice a year for a thorough cleansing program. Eliminate toxins from the body and helps prevent toxin buildup.

•   May help reduces constipation.

•   Can be used in conjunction with other 4Life digestive products for optimul results.

Directions for the Use of Fibre System Plus 4Life

Read the instructions carefully. Take the content in the right amount at least one hour before a meal, three times daily for ten days. For best results, take Fibre System Plus 4Life on a bi-annual basis.

Note: Abstain from using this product if you have a medical condition such as constant diarrhea, loose stools, abdominal pain, or intestinal inflammation. Also, if pregnant, consult your physician before taking.