4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor® Formula

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Immune system product that boosts natural killer cell activity by up to 283%* 4life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor formula is the best-selling product that gives the immune system foundation to identify and counteract the harmful pathogens that intrude the body. The transfer factor also helps in maintaining the recognition and remembrance patterns of the immune system for any future invasion. It helps boost immunity to the optimum level. 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula Immunity Booster.

Key Features 4 Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Capsules

• 4The product contains UltraFactor XF, OvoFactor, and NanoFactor, with each comprising of Tri Factor.

It contains only pure transfer factors with no additives of all-natural supplements, boosting system cell activity to 283%.

• Increases concentration to 25% as compared to other transfer factor formulas.  

• It provides a powerful immune system to boost support by improving cell activity and functionality.*

• Stimulates and enhances natural killer cells (NK) activity to 283%, providing effective counter features.  

• Provides a concentrated dose of concentrated, certified 4life transfer factor tri factor to educate immune cells for effectively fending potential threats.  

Benefits 4life transfer factor tri factor Capsules

• Effective improvements of the immune system’s ability to fight potential threats and to remember the patterns for future counter features.

• Improvement of energy to work on optimum levels.

• Enhancement of cell activity to protect the rest of the body and to support functions at higher capacity by fending off harmful pathogens.

• Supports overall wellness of the body and constantly providing improvements in body functions.

• Raises immune IQ for maximum remembrance and recognition patterns.

• It is composed of concentrated cow colostrum and egg yolk for proteins and defense against harmful peptides and pathogens.

What is Transfer Factor Tri-Factor 4life?

Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula is a unique combination of ingredients explicitly made for immune systems. It represents a groundbreaking advancement in Transferceutical Sciences and raises the standard of the immune system by using the 4life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula. The messenger molecules in this formula help in educating immune cells to respond to a certain disease and remember them for the future. It contains a higher dose than its predecessors protected by U.S. patents 6,468,534 (transfer factor extraction process from egg yolk) and 6,866,868 (blending features of cow colostrum). A uniquely constructed blends that give a significant boost for effective immune and body system functionality.