4life Transfer Factor Classic

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4life Transfer factor classic is an all exclusive supplement recognized for years as the best colostrum based transfer factor formula for daily use. It contains original Transfer Factor XF® as a key ingredient for safe and proven immune support derived from concentrated cow colostrum. This immune messenger supports the immune system’s ability to recognize and respond to threats. 4 life Transfer Factor Classic is 4Life's original formula of transfer factor.

Key Features of 4life Transfer Factor Classic Capsules

• Includes original Transfer Factor XF® as a key ingredient for effective daily immune support and used worldwide by millions.

Transfer Factor Classic by 4life derived through concentrated cow colostrum for an effective and reliable immune boost and support.

• Increases the natural killer (NK) cell activity by 240% above the normal response rate for safe and effective immune support.  

•Supports a healthy immune system boosting function, which in turn promotes an increase in body strength, energy level, and promoting functions of all the systems in the body.

•Supports A quality and effective blend of certified ingredients for a safe and healthy immune function boost.

Benefits of 4 life Transfer Factor Classic Capsules

• Transfer Factor Classic by 4life supporting your body functions and the immune system to remember any previous invasions while providing efficiency and health within the immune system.

• Plans a course of action to counter-effect any dangerous invasions and educates naïve immune cells to recognize potential past and present dangers and responses.

• Supports a recognition pathway for an immune cell and system to recognize the danger and to counter effect it at the moment.

• Provides perfect balance to the immune system with the perfect blend of egg-yolk, cow colostrum, and ingredients including minerals and vitamins.

What is Transfer Factor Classic 4life?

Transfer factors are the tiny messenger molecules that transmit the information regarding immune functions from one entity to others, such as a mother and breastfeeding baby. 4life Transfer Factor Classic has the perfect blend of original cow colostrum to give your body the immunity support it needs. Transfer factor classic can educate the immune system to fend off any invading entities and countering potential threats to the body. It has a primary attribute of immune system boost and secondary ability to increase energy to optimum levels for safe and proven support.