4Life™ Essential Oils SweetShape™

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100% pure essential oil blend that targets fat burning and weight management*

Main Features

• Helps promotes healthy metabolism and energy levels*
• Targets fat metabolism to support weight management in conjunction with a healthy eating and exercise regimen*
• 100% pure, ingestible essential oil blend


Primary Support: Weight Management*
Secondary Support: Healthy Aging*

Key Ingredients

Lemon essential oil—cold-pressing Citrus limon fruits grown in Argentina
Peppermint essential oil—steam distillation of Mentha x piperita plant from the United States
Grapefruit essential oil—Citrus paradisi from the United States
Bergamot essential oil—Citrus bergamia from Italy
Juniper essential oil—Juniperus communis from France
Cinnamon essential oil—Cinnamomum zeylanicum from Sri Lanka
Ginger essential oil—Zingiber officinalis from Germany