Increase Your Immune System

The transition from one season to another is the reason behind getting sick around that time. Many of us are unaware of this, but now that you do know, you can take steps to avoid getting sick in the first place. Here are six ways to keep your immune system healthy and in tune.

Get Some Rest

If we over-exert ourselves, we can elevate stress levels and lower our resistance. Keep in mind that drinking energy drinks will prevent you from realizing how tired you really are. So, rest as much as needed – and avoid energy drinks.

De-Stress Your Mind and Body

This is not the right time to stress out, because when you do, your body produces pressure hormones, making it more susceptible to getting a viral infection. Take a focused approach to your health and distance yourself from what you think contributes to your stress. Balance your work and lifestyle, too. Take a break after every half an hour, do some exercises, and use stress-reducing techniques.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Foods that are rich in nutrients like natural citrus products, garlic, broccoli, and spinach are the need of the hour. Make sure to take enough of vitamins B, C, D, and zinc. Those individuals who suspect their immune system is getting weak should eat food with essential nutrients and minerals to combat diseases. 

Improve Your Immunity with Supplements

Immune system support supplements can help you rid your body of harmful pathogens. There’s no need for supplements if your body gets the nutrients it needs naturally; however, in cases where a body does not, a supplement like Transfer Factor Plus or even better Transfer Factor Classic can give you the nutrition you need quickly.

What is 4Life Transfer Factor Classic?

4Life Transfer Factor Classic is a sub-product of 4Life Transfer Factor® and is made of cow colostrum. Colostrum consists of molecules called transfer factors that educate cells without being consumed. They give an increase your immune system the ability to better recognize and respond to harmful cells. There are some reasons why 4Life Transfer Factor is called, “Classic.”

  • Firstly, it boosts natural killer cell activity by up to 100 times to fight off a health threat
  • Secondly, 4Life sources its colostrum from cruelty-free dairy farms located around the United States. The colostrum is then shipped to the 4Life manufacturing plant in Vineyard, Utah, where it is tested, filtered, and further go through various quality controls to be used in 4Life Transfer Factor products.
  • Most importantly, its well-researched ingredients allow it to provide a body with a stronger, wiser immune system

Reduce Inflammation

How often do you move? If you have to think for a bit before answering this question, you can start getting worried. Not only is moving important, but cutting down on specific items like sugar, vegetable oils, prepared meat, and liquor helps, as well. These food items can cause different problems in your body. If left unaddressed, they can cause your health to deteriorate.

Detoxify the Liver

Perfect health comes with many challenges. Substances that do not necessarily poison but include toxic ingredients pose significant risks to your health. With that being said, avoid chlorinated water, fragrant hydrocarbons, polluted air, etc. Detoxify your liver to decrease the amount of poisons that can bother your immune system.

Exercise a Lot

Exercise is imperative for building resistance. You don’t need to exercise intensively, but do follow simple tips while getting a workout: Keep the pressure off your head, work out till you’re tired, and then take rest.


Follow the tips above to know what you need to do and what to avoid to get plenty of immune system support, and to maintain a healthy immune system.

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