Your immune system defends against disease-causing microorganisms; but sometimes, it fails. That’s because it may have recently gotten weaker. Its ability to obstruct germs may be so weak that you’re starting to get sick. Guess what? There’s a solution to this problem. Boost your immune system with tips we provide you below.

Get Physical

A recent study has shown that exercising at least five days a week reduces the risk of getting an upper respiratory infection by nearly 50%, compared to leading a sedentary lifestyle. Regular exercise enhances the body’s production of antibodies and T-cells, which are vital for immune system support. So get up, take a walk or go running for a short time.

Eat Healthy

Eating the right foods result in a healthy microbiome which leads to a healthy immune system. Add a “rainbow of colors,” to your diet. Eat vegetables and fruits that have key vitamins, and can help fight bacteria in your body.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure to drink enough water. The best way to keep up with this tip is to measure your body weight and drink half of that number in ounces. 

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is another key ingredient for a healthy immune system. Researchers found in a study that getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night can make a person four times less likely to catch a cold compared with them getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night.

Absorb Vitamin D

You rarely get enough sunlight to make the necessary amount of Vitamin D for your body. Vitamin D is crucial in creating a healthy immune system, so if you’re not getting enough sun, you’ll have to take supplements.

Take 4Life Transfer Factor Immune System Boosters

Immune-boosting supplements can help fight foreign substances in the body, like pathogenic organisms (ex: E. coli, and listeria) and kill cancerous cells alongside. Research shows that immune function usually decreases with age, and this decrease makes it difficult for someone elderly to overcome immune system dysfunction. However, with the 4Life Transfer Factor that has well-researched ingredients to support the immune system, you can strengthen your immunity in no time.

How to Support Your Immune System

Best Immune-Boosting Products 

When we talk about the 4Life Transfer Factor supplements that build a healthy immune system, the version Factor Classic is the best. It’s the ultimate immune booster increasing natural killer cell activity to over 240%. It includes the necessary ingredients to balance and support immune system response.

Key Features of 4life Transfer Factor Classic

  • 4Life Transfer factor classic is widely recognized for the best colostrums-based Transfer Factor formula for daily use.
  • It includes original Transfer Factor XF® as a main ingredient for safe and proven immune system support which is directly derived from concentrated cow colostrum.
  • It enhances the immune system boosting functionality, which results in increasing body strength, energy level, and affecting all the key functions of the systems in the body.
  • This product is an effective blend of certified ingredients that promotes a healthy boost to your immune system.

4Life Transfer Factor Plus

Another drool-worthy product from 4Life is Transfer Factor Plus. This is 4Life’s number one immune system product, and includes well-researched ingredients from 4Life Transfer Factor to balance and support the immune system response to its optimum level.

4life Transfer Factor Plus:  Key Features

  • Increases natural cell activity to over 437%
  • Educates, enhances and balances the immune system with the exceptional Tri-Factor Formula®
  • Consists of UltraFactor XF®, OvoFactor®, and NanoFactor® extract
  • Contains certified 4Life Transfer Factor® to improve your immune I.Q.®

4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor 

The third best-seller is the 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula. The product energizes the immune system to identify and eliminate harmful pathogens that invade the body.


This triple-action formula helps maintain the recognition and remembrance patterns of the immune system for any future infections. It helps boost immunity to its optimum level. 

Main Features

  • Consists of UltraFactor XF, OvoFactor, and NanoFactor, with each comprising of Tri-Factor
  • It includes only pure Transfer Factors exclusive of additives of all-natural supplements
  • It increases concentration by 25%, unlike other Transfer Factor formulas
  • It leads to a powerful immune system by improving cell activity and functionality
  • Tri-Factor is a certified 4Life product that educates immune cells to deflect potential threats


Transfer Tri-Factor formula is a unique formula that contains ingredients explicitly formed for healthy immune systems. Its benefits are as follow:

  • It supports the immune system’s ability to deter potential threats
  • It boosts energy levels, helping them reach the optimum level
  • It maintains the overall wellness of the body and makes constant improvements in it 
  • It helps balance and educate your immune system
  • It is made of concentrated cow colostrum and egg yolk (proteins), and protects against dangerous peptides and pathogens

Summary  4Life Transfer Factor products are a clinically proven immune support formula for you and your family.

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