The immune system, which comprise organs, tissues, proteins, and special cells, defends people against microorganisms and germs every day. In majority of the cases, immune system does a phenomenal job in preventing infections and keeping people healthy. So, besides taking 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor, how can you strengthen your immune system?

Stop drinking and smoking

I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but if you’re taking in modern day poisons like cigarettes and alcohol, I doubt that your immune system will be operating anywhere close to normal. It is recommended that you put an end to these toxins before things get even worse.

Get enough sunlight

Our immune systems grows stronger with sufficient levels of vitamin D. By taking an adequate amount of sunlight, you will get the all-important vitamin D, which would safeguard you from autoimmune diseases, bone problems, obesity, cancer, and other unwanted infections.

Don’t miss vitamin C

Neutrophils cannot fight pathogens without possessing vitamin C in substantial concentration. So, increase your consumption of fruits like lemon to ensure that you never run out of this valuable constituent.

Fasting helps

Your immunity also boosts when you fast. This is especially true for cancer patients who are able to kill their cancer cells through fasting.

Eat probiotics and fermented foods

In comparison to the cells in our body, the availability of bacteria is tenfold. In order to keep the infections at bay, the existence of good bacteria is highly recommended. So, don’t forget to eat a lot of fiber if you want good bacteria to win the war against its bad counterpart.

Cut back on sugar

Sugar contains every refined carbohydrate. Therefore, when a sugar bacteria or molecule meet Neutrophils, the preference of bacterial sugar escalates, making your immune system go to sleep for roughly 6 hours.

Immune System

If you act on the recommendations outlined above while also taking your daily dose of 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor, it would be guaranteed that your immune system will go from strength to strength.

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