The idea behind create this article was a simple one. We are inspired by the wonders 4Life company products have offered to people with weaker bodies. 4Life is one of the significant innovations in the supplement field of healthcare. This is also why we became a proud, independent distributor of 4Life Transfer Factor and other 4Life supplements & products some time ago. 

Today marks the 19th anniversary of 4 Life Transfer Factor. Let’s mark this occasion and celebrate this innovation together. Below we recall the full story of this life-changing innovation. 

1998, The Origin Of Transfer Factor

It all began when Pioneer and CEO David Lisonbee started digging deep to improve his own and family’s wellbeing. The method for extracting 4Life Transfer Factor from cow colostrum resulted in a concentrated dose, which improved the immune system. In 1999, the partners added a proprietary Cordyvant™ blend of ingredients to create the product 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus®. For more than 19 years, this formula is brilliantly used to provide better immunity to humans. It bears all attributes like optimizing health, energy, and overall quality of life. 

To date, Transfer Factor has continued to inquire and develop superior, effective products for maximizing the lifestyle. You may be surprised to know that a single 4Life product undergoes hundreds of tests before hitting the marketplace. 

Let’s take a close look at the product development cycle of 4Life.

1. Cardio Product

In 2002, 4Life launched the first Targeted Transfer Factor called 4Life Transfer Factor® Cardio. The immune-boosting pills feature an exclusive egg-sourced ingredient that is protected by U.S. Patent #6,468,534. They aim to provide a system with system-specific nutrients for enhanced personal health support. 

  • Advanced Formula

In 2004, 4Life company played around the possibilities their products offered, and in this way, two key products were born. 4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formula and Transfer Factor Plus 4Life, combining transfer factors from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk, created the right blend Transfer Factor E-XF™ (U.S. Patent #6,866,868). 

  • Tri-Factor Formula

Clinical experts developed this excellent formula in 2007 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula to increase immune cell activity up to 437%. 

We Put A Light On Other Targeted Transfer Factor Products

From time to time, more 4Life products got introduced to immensely support immune activity. 

  • Glucoach, it maintains a balanced glucose level.
  • Belle Vie, it supports female health.
  • KBU, used for Kidney, the health of the urinary system
  • MalePro, suitable for men’s prostate support.
  • Vista, it helps in achieving a better and clearer vision.
  • Renovo, a body repairing product (2014).

The Transform-specific Product

As weight management is considered a hot topic, 4Life Company introduced another revolutionary product, “4LifeTransform Burn” (in 2016). 

4Life never fails to stay at the forefront of Transferceutical® Science—with inventing solutions that support your immune system’s ability to recognize, respond to, and fight back potential threats. 

Be Healthier

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