Doctors typically talk about the rewards of adequate consumption of essential nutrients, especially during early childhood. They mostly talk about proteins since they are building blocks that build and repair all the tissues in the human body, including immune system and chemicals in the brain. It doesn’t mean that adults don’t have to consume a protein-rich diet, but in most cases, children are far more significantly affected by protein deficiency. 

Why Do Kids Need Protein?

Growing children need protein as, without it, the rate of their growth decreases resulting in growth delay, which is terrible for a child trying to reach the standard height that his peers have. Proteins are extremely important for human body as they form the necessary enzymes that catalyze chemical reactions within the body and form the haemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood. However, the overdose of protein is also not recommended. In order to support this statement, a study published in 2013 in Food and Nutrition Research revealed that consuming too much protein in the first two years of children – is associated with an increased risk of becoming obese in later life.

Therefore, parents must keep in check if their kids are meeting daily recommended amount of protein while ensuring that they don’t consume too much protein. A balanced diet regime should be followed. 

Dive into a Modern Healthcare Solution 

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Noteworthy Features of 4Life Transfer Factor for Kids

  • Includes a kid-sized serving of Transfer Factor E-XF
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Top Reasons Your Kids Should Consume Quality Proteins

Consuming just the right amount of protein can result in a type of growth, development and nourishment that will help them become their best selves. There are other top reasons why your kid’s diet should contain adequate amount of proteins. 

  1. It discourages weight gain

Proteins don’t let your child build fat. It keeps their body fat-free and active. It also helps them feel healthy and moreover prepares them for their pubertal growth spurt. “Divide your protein so you’re eating almost a third of it at each meal and a little for a snack,” wrote Janet Renee, MS, RD., The primary healthy sources of protein are fish, nuts, low-fat dairy, tofu, beans and, eggs, and lean cuts of meat and poultry. Such healthy proteins are also useful for cutting down on unnecessary cravings which are the real culprits behind obesity. 

2. It boosts your brain performance

Among all the pivotal roles that protein diet intends to play, this is the leading one. A protein-rich food improves brain function, brain growth, and increases a young person’s ability to concentrate and retain critical information. This means that “Brain and its neurons are composed of fat, but they communicate with each other chemically through small molecules, which, in turns, are made up of proteins.” 

Try adding chicken, turkey, or pea protein powder to your kids’ diet to keep up with optimal protein levels and cognitive function.

4. It prevents diabetes

It is observed that the early adoption of protein often reduces the symptoms of chronic diseases like “Diabetes.” A well-known health expert having a background in diabetes says that lacking at protein levels is often the root cause of this long-term health and complex, chronic disease that can be prevented if we take proper care of protein levels. 

Help your child thrive with the right protein consumption!    4Life Transfer Factor for Kids

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