4Life Transfer Factor Classic

Do you know that every day you come in contact with hundreds of thousands of different types of germs? These germs, which comprise viruses and bacteria, exist on the objects you touch, the foods you eat, and the air you breathe. However, your immune system is a perfect protection mechanism, defending you from potential health problems that these germs cause. In independent studies, it has been shown that transfer factor amplifies the immune cell activity by 103%.

The immune system of a body is a complicated network of cells and organs, working 24/7 to protect your body from harmful diseases, health threats, and environmental threats. In order to promote long-term health and maintain optimal system function, the notion of quality immune support has become integral.

In this regard, 4Life Transfer Factor Classic comes to your rescue by supporting the immune system function with original Transfer Factor XF of 4Life, a transfer factor molecules’ concentrate from cow colostrum.

4Life Transfer Factor Classic

4Life Transfer Factor Classic is an original formula of 4Life that comprise original Transfer Factor XF ingredient for exceptional daily immune system support. It has been used by millions of people since decades to support their immune system. It cannot be denied that 4Life Transfer Factor Classic delivers reliable and effective immune support with transfer factors from cow colostrum.

The exclusiveness of 4Life Transfer Factor Classic must be appreciated within the nutritional science. In fact, this product is deemed as the foremost transfer factor product that is based on the best colostrum for the purpose of fostering daily immune system support.

Features of 4Life Transfer Factor Classic

By using the original Transfer Factor XF of 4Life, 4Life Transfer Factor Classic supports immune system function. Specifically, Transfer Factor XF is derived from cow colostrum and is also known as a concentrate of transfer factor molecules. Thus, the ability of the immune system to remember, respond to, and recognize potential health threats is well-supported by the immune messenger molecules. Following are the features of 4Life Transfer Factor Classic:

  1. Provides effective and safe support.
  2. Improves Natural Killer (or NK) cell activity by up to 204% above normal response.
  3. Uses Transfer Factor XF, immune-enhancing transfer factors, and other natural elements from cow colostrum to educate the immune system.
  4. Supports healthy immune system function, which in turn, promotes the healthy function and healthy energy levels of every other system throughout the body.

4Life Transfer Factor Classic is the original formula of 4Life, comprising transfer factors from cow colostrum.

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